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TRUE: steadfast, loyal, honest, just; that is fitted or formed or that functions accurately (Merriam-Webster)

We believe one builds strength through truth; truth to family, friends, clients colleagues and especially to one’s self.
Truth is more than our motto, it is our way of life.
True Fab, Inc. is a family-owned business established in 2006.  Our 15 year history of unmatched communication and customer satisfaction has firmly established our name in the industry. That name stands for quick, efficient delivery of top-quality steel.  We are conveniently located in the heart of the industrial Texas Gulf Coast.    





Timely service

We make sure every project is done as quickly as possible.

Remarkable Rates

We make sure our rates are fair and reasonable.

Unequalled quality

We use best technology and equipment to ensure quality.

Excellent experience

We provide an excellent service from start to finish.



True Fab, Inc. specializes in industrial structural steel including pipe racks, circle/square platforms, catwalks, pipe supports, welded assemblies, instrument stands, ladders, stairs, modules, etc.  Each project is designed to fit the unique needs of our customers.


Our certified welders follow welding procedures AWS D1.1.  We pride ourselves in clean, strong welds that are gauged to weld sizes per engineered specifications.  Each weld is quality inspected by experienced quality control personnel.


True Fab, Inc. provides customized structural steel for chemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, and any other industrial customer.  Using Tekla PowerFab software enables us to provide accurate, professional grade steel to our customers in a timely manner.  This software gives current progress information for project managers,  and answers questions erectors may have on site. 


We build stairs, railings, ladders, catwalks, mezzanines, pipe racks and more. We take steel and metal and turn it into industrial and commercial products.
We have fabricated jobs as small as 3500 pounds. No job too big or small!
Our 12,000 square foot facility can accommodate your structures up to 60 feet.
Our experienced staff offers flexibility and credibility from certified welders and access to professional detailers.
For your convenience, we can provide transportation of your finished product to the location of your choice.
Do you need something made?
Contact us today!


Our shop includes all necessary equipment to complete metal fabrication projects.
Specifically, we use:

*60” Ocean Avenger 40 CNC Beam Drill Line

From the manufacturer:

“The Ocean Avenger is an extremely space efficient beam processing solution as it only requires a floor space of 70ft x 9ft, making it ideal for even the smallest fabricator or fabricators with space limitations. We also have many Avenger installations that are outside, freeing up even more space for the fabricator.

The Ocean Avenger not only lays out and drills all your holes in any steel profile in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it manually with a mag drill, but it also lays out the marks for all your welded attachments, virtually eliminating the need for a tape measure.

The Avenger is the most affordable CNC beam drill line on the market today and ensures that the fabricators is the low cost producer, allowing him to win more work and to make more margin.

Not only will the Avenger process beams and columns, but it also easily process all steel profiles including channel, angle, flat bar, base plates, RHS, square and round profiles.”

*Ocean Terminator Bandsaw 18/25

From the manufacturer:

“The Ocean Terminator 18/42 Dual Column Double Miter Band Saw is the largest saw that we distribute and is specifically designed for structural steel fabricators to handle the largest beams and profiles, and the heaviest sections that structural steel fabricators cut on a daily basis. This dual column double miter band saw has the ability to miter cut both directions significantly reduces the material handling time, further improving your profitability.

The Ocean Terminator is designed for customers who require fast cutting of large steel profiles including beams, channel, angle, flat bar, and round pipe. Typically industries include structural steel, engineering and job shops, rail and transport companies, truck and frame rails, skid manufacturers, and more.

*Scotchman 8514-20 Ironworker

From the manufacturer:

“The Scotchman DO8514-20M hydraulic ironworker is a fully-integrated ironworker machine with five built-in functions:  85-ton punch (1-1/16” in 1”), 6” x 6” x 1/2” crop off angle shear, round and square solid rod shear, 20” flat bar shear (that will shear a whopping 1” x 16” and 3/4” x 20”), plus a rectangle notcher.

The most flexible feature this machine has is the rectangle notcher which can be removed and turned into several additional tools that include the following:  an extra punch station, press brake, pipe notcher and/or a 3” x 3” V notcher.  No other machine built anywhere in the world has this much flexibility or versatility!”


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